IF: Octopus

I have been having so much fun with “Inktober” this month. For those of you who don’t know, “Inktober” was started by an illustrator I follow named Jake Parker a few years ago. It is a daily drawing challenge for the month of October, and the drawings should be done in some form of ink.

So far this month, I have been able to keep up with doing one drawing a day. In the process I feel as though this is forming a habit… a very good habit to pull out my sketchbook at least once a day and do a drawing. It has also been a very good time for me to explore my technique and style. I’ve always enjoyed using ink to refine my drawings and make clean lines, but I’m using this month to try new things… and it has been lots of fun!

Anyways, I figured yesterday I would do my Inktober drawing based on the theme for Illustration Friday (that way I could use the drawing for two prompts). So here is my entry for “OCTOPUS”!

Say hello to the “Barberoctopus”! Now couldn’t we all use one of these now and then? 😉


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