Dr. Who?

Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 in Blog, Bunnies, Comics, Digital, Fan Art, Ink, Watercolour | No Comments

I’m slowly being converted into a Whovian through the efforts of my boyfriend. He was very careful in selecting only the best episodes to watch together which helped spark my interest and we finished season 1 the other week. I’m not complaining… I have really been enjoying it. In celebration of my boyfriend’s love for this show, I decided to do some Dr. Who fan art featuring him as the Doctor (who happens to be my favourite… I may be a little bit biased) and me as his companion (he can only be the Doctor if I can tag along). A plethora of bunnies and an inaccurately drawn TARDIS also made it into the drawing. All I have to say is this was a lot of fun to do… and that the Doctor also approved. 😉



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