Update: Independant Comix Workshop

Another Comix Workshop I participated in back in September was the Independent Comix Workshop, which touched on independent publishing, how to present work to publishers, and a general introduction to how the publishing industry functions as a whole. I found it all quite interesting and informative.

We also did a lot of storytelling exercises. We did one where everyone wrote down a character, a location and an objective all on separate pieces of paper. One of each was randomly selected, and we were given roughly 10 minutes to write a story involving each of the elements. Some of the combinations were quite humorous, but it was always very challenging to come up with a way to make them all work together, and there were a lot of really creative stories produced in the process.

Here’s one that I did (the three elements were “Astronaut”, “Bookstore” and “To Feed the Pet Rabbit”:

“Alfred and Oliver”
Ball-point pen.
Copyright © 2012 by Nicole Dunn

Alfred and Oliver

Alfred was an astronaut. He had been up into space several times and was quite famous. However, no one seemed to know who he was unless he wore his astronaut uniform. To retain his status of fame, he decided to always wear his uniform, even when just running out to do errands and everyday things.

One day, he went to the store to get some rabbit food for his pet rabbit, Oliver. He walked up to the clerk and asked “where do you keep the stuff for rabbits?”

“In the pet section,” the clerk responded, giving him a strange look. “Just go down the main aisle and it’ll be down aisle 12 in the pet section.”

Alfred trudged down the main aisle until he reached aisle 12. He started waving his arms around, feeling around for the items on the shelf, trying to find the rabbit food. He remembered what rabbit food felt like. But nothing here felt right. Soon, another store clerk came along. “Excuse me, sir. What are you doing knocking everything off the shelves?”

“I believe you’re out of rabbit food,” Alfred replied, obviously flustered. “I can’t find any!”

“We don’t carry rabbit food here, sir.”

“What kind of pet store is this?”

The clerk looked at him, clearly unimpressed. “This is a book store, sir.”

Alfred never wore his astronaut uniform out in public ever again.


  1. Erin
    November 8, 2012

    *chuckle* i like the story. did you guys draw them out too?


    • nicokat
      November 8, 2012

      thanks erin! glad you enjoyed it. unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to draw them out, but hey, i’ll throw it in the file and maybe use it for something one day. 🙂


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